Neuro Sciences

Facilities available

  • Stroke ICU is one-of-a kind fully equipped to deal rapidly with Neurological emergencies such as brain attack.
  • Stroke thrombolysis programme, center has started stroke thrombolysis programme which means thrombolytic therapy for acute attack resulting in almost full recovery from any disability that may result due to brain attack.
  • Neurophysiology Lab Department is fully equipped with the state of the art neurophysiology lab (EMG electromyography, Nerve conduction stud, EEG, Evoked Potentials IVEP, BERA, SSEP, Repititive Nerve Stimulation), Computed Tomography (CT Scan), Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), Extracranial, Vascualr Doppler, along with Sleep lab (Polysomnography) to manage any neurological disorder.


In this era, neurosurgery speciality has undergone a major change in the treatment and recovery of patients. Today, main aim has become not only to save the life but preserving all the bodily functions, cosmesis, minimal pain and shorter hospital stay. Department of Neurosciences is backed up by good support of Neurosurgeon, neurologist, ICU Intensivist, Rehbilitation team to deal with acute neurosurgical emergencies like SDH, SAH, Intracranial Bleed etc.

  • Radiology support- CT Scan, MRI Scan
  • Neurophysiology Lab (EMG electromyography, Nerve conduction study, EEG, Evoked Potentials (VEP, BERA. SSEP, Repititive Nerve Stimulation)
  • Operation theatres – Fully equipped ultra modern theatres with laminar air flow system and operating microscope
  • Intensive care unit with latest monitoring system and advanced life support equipments to manage all sorts of neurological complications with round the clock coverage of intensivists and physicians of other specialities as and when need arises
  • Fully capable of Neurosurgeries like brain - craniotomies, cerebellopontine angle tumors, Third ventricular colloid cysts, meningiomas and several other tumors of the brain and spinal cord and Brain

SPINE - Spinal surgeries for degenerative diseases (spondylosis, prolapsed discs, OPLL, canal Stenosis, all spinal trauma, craniovertebral junction anomalies).
We have successful outcome in a variety of Complex elective and emergency neurosurgical (Brain and Spine) conditions at a reasonable price in India.

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